Minecraft Snapshot 16w20a

Minecraft 16w20a, the first snapshot for Minecraft 1.10, has been released today.

Find all servers to this version here : https://minecraft-mp.com/version/16w20a/



  • A new button called 'Auto-jump'.
    • Is turned on by default (to inform people of its existence).
    • Ported from Pocket Edition.
Loot tables
  • a new tag limit for the looting_enchant function.
    • Limits an amount to the specified value if it goes over it. (for example in stray.json (loot table), the amount of tipped_arrows that will be dropped are always limited to max 1 even with a level III looting sword.)
  • A new 'fallingdust' particle, that falls from the bottom of gravel, sand, red sand and anvils (not dragon eggs), when they are floating in the air.
NBT tags
  • ZombieType
    • 0: default, 1-5: villager, 6: husk.
    • Replaces IsVillager and VillagerProfession, they still function, but are no longer saved in the entity.
Debug screen
  • F3 + G shows the chunk borders around the player

World generation

  • Generates underground in Deserts, Swamplands
  • Composed of bone blocks and some coal ore.
  • The .nbt files can be found in the structures folder within the 16w20a jar and can only be loaded using the structure block when you put the files into the world folder.
    • The easiest way is to save a new structure using a special name, and search on your machine for that name. Put the structures in the same folder to load them. (Worth noting, on Mac OSX, this folder may be in the wrong location since the structures are saved under ".minecraft/User/.../worldname/structures/..."
  • There are 4 variants of the skull, and 4 variants of the spine sections.


Structure Void
  • Used for the structure block to keep the blocks in that location (formerly barrier blocks were used by the devs, which means you can now use barrier blocks in structures.)
  • minecraft:structure_void
  • Are invisible, have a small hitbox and are only visible when using the feature in (save) structure blocks.
Magma Block
  • Found in the Nether.
  • Crafted using four magma cream.
Nether Wart Block
  • Crafted by filling a 3x3 square in the crafting table with nether wart.
Red Nether Brick
  • Crafted by placing a 2x2 checkerboard of 2 nether brick and 2 nether wart in a crafting table.
Bone Block
  • Crafted by filling a 3x3 square in the crafting table with Bone Meal.
  • Placing it in a crafting table yields 9 bone meal back.


Spawn Eggs
  • Now exists for:
    • Wither Skeleton
    • Mule
    • Skeleton Horse
    • Zombie Horse
    • Donkey
    • Cat
    • Elder Guardian
    • Polar bear
    • Stray
    • Husk


Polar bear
  • Grown ups and children spawn randomly in cold biomes.
  • When hit, the grown ups will attack you, the cubs will run away (very fast, similar to baby zombies).
    • Additionally grown ups will attack you no matter what when their cubs are around.
    • Grown ups can swim faster in water than the player.
  • Drop fish and salmon with a chance of 3 to 1 respectively.
  • Acts mostly like a normal skeleton.
  • Drops are the same as skeletons, but also have a 1/3 chance to drop 0–1 tipped arrows of Slowness.
  • Is a skeleton with the SkeletonType dataTag set to 2.
  • Spawns in cold biome types (e.g. Ice Spike Plains).
    • Spiders spawned in cold biomes have a chance of having a stray riding it.
  • Shoots Tipped Arrows of Slowness (0:30) at the target.
    • You can ricochet the Tipped Arrow on the Stray to inflict itself with its own effect.
  • Behaves mostly like a zombie.
  • Does not burn in sunlight however.
  • Is a Zombie with the ZombieType dataTag set to 6.
  • Spawns in warm biome types (e.g. Deserts).
  • Can spawn as a baby or as a chicken jockey.
  • Applies 6 seconds of hunger when attacking in Easy, 13 in Normal and 20 in Hard difficulty



NBT tags
  • NoGravity
    • Now exists for all entities, not only armor stands.

World generation

Abandoned mineshafts
  • Can now occur above-ground in mesa biomes
    • Gold will generate in these mineshafts more frequently.
      • Previously exclusive to Pocket Edition
    • Will generate with dark oak wood.
  • Now spawn in more biomes and with biome-specific wood (e.g. in Taiga with Spruce wood, Savanna with Acacia wood).
  • Now spawn with grass paths rather than gravel paths.
  • Now spawn with wooden planks over water to form bridge paths.
  • Savanna villages are made almost entirely out of wood, and can burn down due to the lava blocks in blacksmith buildings. (probably unintended)
Huge mushrooms
  • Huge mushrooms generated in roofed forests can now be much taller, as tall as they are in Pocket Edition.


Structure block
  • Now available only for players in creative mode (acts like a command block as it can not be used, placed and destroyed in other game modes).
  • New textures for each different mode.
  • Are now available in item form, can be given or summoned. (but only used in creative)


  • Can now (very) rarely spawn in the Nether
  • Can now naturally pick up netherrack


2 issues fixed.
From released versions before 1.10
  • MC-44579 – Cannot summon green robed villager, even though its Zombie counterpart works
  • MC-89848 – playsound/sound engine pitch algorithm isn’t working properly
More fixes
  • Fixed some broken uses of relative coordinates

Source : http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/16w20a

Posted on May 18th, 2016 05:41 PM EST
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